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Dear Kristie,

Quit acting like everyone is your best friend. I'm sick of reading your stupid bullshit journal. You're being taken off of my list. Why? Because you act like your life is so interesting and so great. When in reality, you're being sued by a towing company because you didn't pay them, you owe the courts because you didn't pay them in the first place, there are constant hospital bills and collection agencies sending you letters. You tell them you don't have your credit card handy? Isn't it convenient that you don't even have one? You LIED to the cops RIGHT in front of me when you got your car impounded for having a suspended license. BTW those hospital bills...were caused by you pretending to have anxiety attacks. Paxil doesn't work like Advil, Kristie... you have to take it every single day for months before it works. Quit acting like you have problems like that. You just want attention.
You did nothing but talk shit about your "best friend" Laura behind her back. You called her a slut. YOU called HER a slut. You ridiculous little person. How many guys have YOU slept with since you moved here? Should I name them? Should I remember their horrible faces? You used her so that you could get online, and then pretended to break your own computer so that she couldn't use it. You used her MOTHER'S AOL without paying for it....while you weren't even letting her use your computer.

Just to let you know. You should be glad that Brad is not sick anymore. He AND his doctor were certain that the entire reason he was sick is because he contracted an oro-genital throat infection from sexual contact with you. That is why he called you about it. His doctor specifically told him that it was his duty to let you know that you were infected. I'm sure he was so excited to talk to you, considering you're the reason he had to have his tonsils removed. Would you like to know where your Urinary Tract Infection came from? Look up Chlamydia. You'll find VERY interestingly relatable information.

I know you'll act like this is nothing. I know you'll act like I'm the bitch here. I'm just sick of you and how fucking fake you are. You wonder why you are always making and losing friends? Because you're a shitty friend. More than that, you're a shitty person. I have no problem letting you know that. You have not ONCE apologized for any of the fucking shit you've pulled since you moved here. You have not said THANK YOU to Laura or myself for driving your ass around so you could get some random fucking place cash your checks while you didn't have a license. You have treated your self-proclaimed "best friend' like shit.

I can't wait until we don't live together. We've been talking about moving out of here for SIX MONTHS. You should know that. You should know that you're going to do the same thing to your new roommate. She's an absolute idiot if she moves in with you. The fact that you're going to have someone pay for you to live is so typical. You are the biggest mooch I've ever met. You are so ridiculously selfish, that you would accept someone's offer to pay for you to live? Grow up. Adults don't do that. Adults don't have other people pay for their mistakes.

As far as your "little punk"....Give me a break. He's the second most ghetto person I've seen in Del Mar, other than you. You, Laura, AND I know that he comes over to fuck you. I hope your new roommate will enjoy listening to your disgusting moaning and slapping noises. I hope that she'll also appreciate you bringing his ghetto friends over to smoke pot and watch Mexican Kings of Comedy....and I hope she'll appreciate that you will take advantage of EVERYTHING that she owns...including her computer, DVD player, couch, food, credit cards, and any other resource that you can tap. Maybe you'll even take some skanky ass pictures on her webcam in HER room too!

Hopefully this will give you a little insight as to how ridiculous a person you are. Perhaps you'll learn to change those things. Don't forget to shower either...because I don't think she'll want her side of the house to smell like your side. God I hope you don't share a bathroom.

If she does read this, I hope that she'll listen. She's going to hear a lot of "Oh I already sent in that payment, it must have gotten lost in the mail"...or "I did that yesterday", or even "Oh I don't have my information handy."

Don't think I'm the first to think all of this. It's obviously a pattern. Your mom's house, Celine and Joann's, Gen's place, and now us.

Congratulations, you're a serial moron.

Ciao back at you,

Liz and Laura
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